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Mothers News is a good newspaper, in print since 2010. It is a physical newspaper, not a website. This is the website for the newspaper.

important news!

as of today, september 23rd 2015, Mothers News is ceasing any promise of regular publication. it's been really great, but lately it's been difficult, and now it's time to figure out something else!

in an effort to make some money to move forward and pay off some debts, we are having a big sale on back issues and other merchandise, including some new and old t-shirt designs. there are a number of deals but the best one is $40 for all available back issues.

subscribers etc.: if you didn't get the email, please click here.

supporters: thank you so much!!!!!

to keep in touch with what we'll be up to from now on get on the email list, check the tumblr or blog or twitter.

any posts / shares / reblogs / 2 cents / megadittos regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated :)

no idea yet if there will be a follow-up mega post about the newspaper in a larger context, but in short i'd say i feel good about this decision to transgress, and i'm happy i got to meet so many great people through this cool dream of a project. i hope i can meet everyone!

i'm not really going to be "doing this thing" still but i'm definitely going to continue "doing this sort of thing", which is to say "i'm doing my thing". no idea what the next Big Project will be, but i'll try to communicate to anyone interested the steps i take on the way, and then once i get close, i'll hoot. :)

sorry if i flaked too hard on anyone out there!!!!!!!

thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!