Update: this fundraiser is over!! we reached our primary and secondary goals!!!! thanks everyone!!!

Update: we reached our primary goal!!! Thanks everyone! will we be able to get to our secondary goal of $7000? Every additional $131 we get could send Mothers News to be distributed for free to a new city or town every month for a year!

Mothers News is a free monthly newspaper published in Providence RI and distributed all around the country. Every issue contains factual, honest, and helpful information, plus writing from a broad array of contributors and exclusive original comics from some of the brightest artists in the field today. It is supported by advertising, most of which is designed inhouse to our own specifications. It is printed on paper, and is not a webpage.

This July, with our 27th issue in as many months, we will begin our third volume of Mothers News. This volume (codenamed "Phase 2") will include an expansion in page count, an increased number of contributors and special reporters, greater circulation, more distributors worldwide, more employees and lots of other far out shit that we are not currently at liberty to discuss.

To help us achieve these goals we are seeking to raise $5000 in seed money before July 1st. If we could raise more, that would be extremely helpful.

If you are familiar with Mothers News, you are aware how rare and wonderful it is. Please also be aware that we did all this, two full years of publishing whatever we wanted to, and distributing it for free, without any grant money, personal holdings, or institutional support. What could we do if we could worry a little less about paying rent? It's our sincere belief that with $5000 in savings we could design and manufacture a craft that would take a human occupant into outer space.

To raise this money, we are taking donations and selling subscriptions. We only need 218 subscribers to help us meet our goal, that's really not a lot. Mouse over the picture on your left for a visual demonstration of "218 members"- it's a fair amount but not unmanageable.

Of course if you'd like to donate more, there are extra goodies we will send you, like the first Mothers News coffee mug, designed by one of our favorite artists, the legendary Jeff "Noise Nomads" Hartford. This mug is a beauty and is ONLY available through this fundraiser, and ONLY for a limited time! (Check out other donation rewards in the purple boxes to your right)

Also please bear in mind that Mothers News makes a great gift, truly one that gives all year long. If you'd like to buy a gift subscription (or a few) for your friends and/or loved ones, we will support your decision.

Again, Mothers News is a free monthly newspaper, printed on real paper, distributed for free around the country. The year is 2012. If you would like to support something you like, now is the time. Alternately, if you want to just check out something lots of people already like, it's that time as well. In the words of the poet, When You Hear The Buzzer, Buzz Back!


Jacob Berendes
Managing Editor, Mothers News

Mothers News Official Webpage


see all updates at: http://rf5.org/blog/?tag=year-3-update


well we met the original goal for our fundraiser / subscription drive, and can now accomplish our primary objective of hiring another Mothers News employee for the year. now we are at the part of the fundraiser where we see how much OVER our goal we can go!

why should we try to go over / why should you care? well, of course it still makes sense to contribute, for the regular reason that you want a subscription to the next year's worth of the paper, or you want to get a gift subscription for a friend, or you want the official (and limited edition) mothers news coffee mug, or to get whatever the extra mega bonus items are, and/or to just be forward-minded plus nice, and to support the thing you like to see in the world. that's the regular reason why. but the extra reason why is that from this point on, every additional $131 we get allows us to distribute a year's worth of Mothers News to a NEW TOWN or CITY in the continental united states.

isn't this an exciting prospect? people in this new town will start finding stacks of it at their record store, coffee place, book nook, show zone, friend's bathroom, or wherever, EVERY MONTH. they'll be like "what's this?". some of them will be like "huh", some like "oh". what will happen then? what are the ramifications? i don't know!!!! i want to find out!!!!!!! maybe they will be inspired to start their own newspapers, or take their art project as serious as their life (q: has this been happening already? a: yes). best case scenario, short term: kids are going to pick it up and start thinking "i guess this is how the world works".

$131 is the cost of 6 subscriptions, or 4 mugs. or one $131 donation. not a lot to mess up an entire city or town for a full year!!! what should we shoot for, 10 new cities? 20? LET'S GO!!!!!!!!

if you want to be the point person in your town, and get a box of Mothers News shipped to your house or place of business every month, and bring them to a few cool spots around town, please GET IN TOUCH with us! in addition to regular social rewards (aka "cool points"), there are special offers and opportunities for Mothers News newsies-- you could even end up making money on it! email MN@mothersnews.net. if you want to sponsor a specific town with a single donation, we will try to accomplish that, but unfortunately since we are dealing with volunteer distributors, we cannot guarantee it. but we'll really try!!!!!!

also... i'm only saying this because people have asked, but please stipulate if want to make a donation that goes towards "whatever", and not specifically postage/outreach. if you're like "i want to engender these funds strictly for pizzas" or "personal betterment / inreach" or something. not trying to be weird about this... ok, LET'S GO!!!!!!!!

and especially THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!!! this rules so far / already / still!


Alright!!!! Well the Mothers News Fundraiser / Subscription Drive has reached it's goal of $5000! And guess who sent us over the edge? It was my actual mother, Louise Berendes! Incredible!!!! Thanks Mom!!!

Naturally the fundraiser is still rolling, and will be until July 1st, and the more we make over our goal the more great stuff we can do. so if you want to get a subscription to Mothers News, or you want the Official (and might I add Limited Edition) Mothers News coffee mug, or you just want to support a cool thing that is happening in the world and enable it (the thing, the world) to grow and mutate and enweirden, act now!!!

"where does the money go?"

hi, we got a few queries regarding our current fundraiser about "where does the money go", and since people love to ask about money and the newspaper, i thought i'd take some time out and address this.

the basic business model of the Mothers News is that we give it out for free and charge for ads. for the past two years this has worked out really great- we are able to pay our printing and mailing costs, make promotional materials (stickers), pay rent on the Mothers News office, and pay the Managing Editor (me) enough to buy food and (some) books. we also pay our Providence newsie JMO $50 to drive the paper around. while there have been tight times, and certainly no one has become monetarily rich, i definitely have NO COMPLAINTS. the paper is really a dream, it's my only job, i do whatever i want, we have an amazing readership, an incredible bunch of contributors, and wonderful things (known and most likely also unknown) have happened as a result of the paper, no complaints.

Anyway, in the past few months the stresses of editing the paper began to accumulate, and it became necessary to hire someone else to help out. so that's what we did. of course we were already operating extremely close to the wire, so we needed another income stream to pay them, hence the fundraiser. so: the initial $5000 goal of the fundraiser will pay for one year of administrative assistance. i should repeat- this is a necessary expenditure. making the paper is a lot of work, and while it's not too much for one person to do, it is too much for one person to do forever. in the interest of continuing the paper, we needed to hire on. and given that, we need to pay that person. the $5000 will make sure that this person is always paid (at the current budget that's $11 an hour, 8 hours a week). for the time being, my own salary will remain dependent on hustle (selling ads).

any money raised after the initial $5000 will mostly go towards the following objectives:

- new(ish) laptop computer - the first couple months of the paper were made on an EeePC 701 (current retail $25), plugged into an external monitor. after that we were gifted an older mac tower from our friends at the Participatory Culture Foundation. we would like to get a newish laptop in the $300 range. I should also say that we are currently accepting donations of newish, basically not-fucked-up laptops (email MN@mothersnews.net). this would be extremely helpful.

savings - as a business-like entity, it seems prudent to try and sock away $300. i feel like there were a lot of situations in the past two years where if we had had $300 we could've done something that would recoup the money and then some. damn we were kicking ourselves for not having a swingable $300 (or less) a bunch of times! this is for things like investing in merchandise, travel expenses to trade shows and performances, printing projects other than the paper, stuff like that. also just a general safety net, haven't had one of those in a long time!

distribution - it costs us $131 to send monthly bundles of Mothers News to a new city for a full year. so after the laptop thing and the savings thing, every extra $131 we raise could send the paper to a new city.

i guess that's it? if things really go far out then we start talking about hiring more people, which would be incredible. if you want to talk more about money, call me up, and we'll talk about money!


Subscription Drive Day 5

Whoa!!!! Only a few days in and we're already past the halfway point to our $5000 goal (visualized here by Dan Pozniak's hair from teh cover of Seven Seconds' "Walk Together, Rock Together" LP). As of this writing we have raised $2897, thanks to the contributions of only 66 supporters! Lots of Mothers Helpers, Subscribers, Professionals, Astronauts, and even one "Executive Realness". This is incredible!!! Please remember that even if you can't support Mothers News financially at this point, it would really mean a lot if you helped us out by spreading the word, via your newspaper, your blog, your tumblr / twitter / facebook. "When you play it, say it!". http://www.mothersnews.net/year3

"Mother's News is the most reliable way I've found to make sure my brain never fuses shut."

- Lola Pellegrino

Day 2

wow! our big Mothers News Subscription Drive is going great! as of this writing, we've reached a fifth of our goal with still 46 days to go! thanks to all the MOTHERS HELPERS, SUBSCRIBERS, and especially ASTRONAUTS out there!!!!! so far no one has gone all the way into EXECUTIVE REALNESS, but there are a few people nibbling at the concept (we didn't anticipate this, but A Reid is trying to microfinance this mega-level- not sure how this would work but beep at this doggy if you want to go in but not get the tattoo).

in press news, we got interviewed by a nice young man from the Providence Phoenix the other day, look for that week after next. best quote:

PP: do you consider the Providence Journal and the Phoenix to be your competition? MN: uh, no offense but the phoenix and the projo are NO competition...
also good looking out to our friends at AMIGOS publishing who gave us a nice write-up and posted a VERY inspirational video alongside!!! thanks!!!! this newspaper could be your life!
J Klemundt
Ridgewood NJ
M Sochocki
Brooklyn NY
C Collier
Honolulu HI
J Ruocco
Denver CO
C Teed
Portland OR
E Hexe
Brooklyn NY
D Hayes
Providence RI
H Jones
Cranston RI
K Connolly
Providence RI
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Evanston IL
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Providence RI
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Barrington RI
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Providence RI
MP Lockwood
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Medway MA
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Newtonville MA
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Worcester MA
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Chicago IL
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Santa Barbara CA
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Chicago IL
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Middleton WI
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Brooklyn NY
M Armstrong
Providence RI
Vancouver BC Canada
CJ Bryan
Worcester MA
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Pawtucket RI
B Lichtner
Santa Fe NM
L Berendes
Worcester MA
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Turners Falls MA
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Lutz FL
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Jacob Berendes
Providence, RI


hey, so did the 500 dollar donor claim the tattoo? if they don't want it could it be donated 2 me?
Just a few weeks, and already almost to the goal!! Super!
I never make an important decision without consulting The Paper Of Record.
Mark S

this is an independently hosted and created web page.

kickstarter and amazon fees create an 8-10% tax on the total amount of money raised through the kickstarter platform. so, we decided to create a web page for ourselves that performs a similar function in a familiar format, using freely available tools for our own fundraiser.

by self-hosting this fundraiser ourselves, and only dealing with paypal and google checkout fees, we will see 5-7% more cash per dollar raised. to us, that means a lot!

What is Mothers News?

Mothers News is a free monthly newspaper published in Providence, RI and distributed throughout New England and at select locations throughout the country. We have been publishing regularly since May 2010.

The managing editor is Jacob Berendes. The managing assistant is Tom Bubul. The Providence newsie is Julia Moses.

Our regular comics page contributors include Charles Forsman, Michael Deforge, CF, Brian Chippendale, Katrina, Mike Taylor, Mickey Zacchilli, Charlotte De Sedouy, and Kate Schapira.

contact information: MN@mothersnews.net
official website: mothersnews.net
twitter: @mothersnews




$5000 $7000 GOAL


This fundraiser is brought to you by RHODODENDRON FESTIVAL publishers of MOTHERS NEWS. our blog is HERE.