we are happy to announce that our annual Subscription Drive And Necessary Fundraiser is now OVER! we were supported by 378 people, who contributed a total of $15,309!!!! thanks everyone who subscribed, everyone who bought a gift subscription for a friend, and everyone who talked about the paper this past month!!!

if you missed out and want to buy a regular subscription, you still can, but unfortunately the special offers are closed. to buy a regular subscription, click here.

our regular website is back up.

thanks everyone!

It's subscription drive season again at Mothers News headquarters. This is our fourth year, things are going great thus far, year four is going to be nuts. Come on in.

this year's fabulous prizes / buy an individual subscription / buy a bunch of gift subscriptions / updates / check out back issues

We'd like to temporarily skip the full rigamarole about what is Mothers News, because "self-aggrandizement" is not our strong suit (because we'd rather say what we're doing by doing it), but if you're just tuning in now, which is fine, great even, the rough rigamarole is: Mothers News is a monthly newspaper that is fun and interesting, with good writing, for a general but open-minded audience. There's a comics section featuring exclusive comics from regular contributors CF, Mickey Zacchilli, Brian Chippendale, Michael DeForge, Chuck Forsman, Katrina Clark, Charlotte deSedouy, and Mike Taylor. Top talent!!! We print 5000 copies of each issue, and distribute them free in the streets in Providence and at select spots across the country. It's supported by small advertisers and readers, hence this yearly subscription drive. If you'd like to see back issues, we have uploaded almost every single one to archive.org- links to each issue are here (please bear in mind that they are sort of difficult to read on the computer, because it's designed to be a physical newspaper, which it is). If you need more cajoling please read what others are saying about Mothers News (in the right-hand column of this page).

Last year we had a great subscription drive but unfortunately we aimed for too low an amount, which got us into trouble as the year got on. This year we are trying to get enough from subscriptions to allow us to work on the paper unfettered, providing better service to the universe. We are seeking to raise $15000, that's double what we raised last year. with this amount we can provide some security for our one employee (breakdown of numbers is here). Over this past year we accrued just over 300 subscribers-- right now we are aiming for at least 400, we think that should work. If you have subscribed to Mothers News in the past, your subscription is up- please re-subscribe! And please tell your friends! Or buy them subscriptions too!! Makes a great gift!

It seems kind of awkward to say this, but the more money we can raise right now, the better we can make the newspaper in the year to come. the paper is mostly a one-person effort, and it's a lot of work-- by pitching in for the upper echelons of support, you really are making a difference in the quality of the paper. Thanks in advance!!!!

managing editor
Mothers News

As before there are a couple options for subscriptions and support, and a few different things you can get for different levels of engagement. Here's what's available:

What's available

for $25 or more you get:
SUBSCRIPTION - a year's worth of Mothers News, mailed to your house (or wherever you recieve mail). Each issue, as soon as it comes out. This year we are planning to do 10 issues in 12 months, because we're trying to be more realistic about the stresses of a regular ominous deadline. Subscriptions will start in January 2014.

for $50 or more you get a subscription plus:
OFFICIAL MOTHERS NEWS TOTE BAG - very nice bag designed for carrying (or "toting") a wide array of items. Printed in black on a white bag to match any outfit, it bears the text "Mothers News" and a cool picture of a venus fly trap. Printed in Central Falls RI. As a special bonus for higher levels of support, we will hand-color the design for you with fabric crayons, or supply the crayons for you to color it yourself. an erotic totebag variant is also available.

tote bag design

embroidered patch design
(finished patch will look slightly different)

and EMBROIDERED MOTHERS NEWS PATCH - a very nice patch suitable for sewing onto a gnarly jean jacket or to cover up a sports team logo on an otherwise nice hat. Pictured is that inspirational solar icon the dung beetle, pushing its proud ball across a black background, with the inscriptions "MOTHERS NEWS" and "SIC TRANSIT GLORIA", which either means "so passes the glory [of the world]" or "there goes Gloria". Patch is about 3" in diameter.

and BIRTHDAY ANNOUNCEMENT - an announcement of your birthday (or in the case of a gift subscription, your friend's birthday) in the very pages of Mothers News, in the month that your birthday will occur! Let the world know that you are ready to recieve love! Or at least that you are willing to acknowledge it.

For $100 or more you get all of the above plus:
LIMITED EDITION LETTERPRESS PRINT BY CF - this print is a single installment of CF's monthly comic Monorail High, signed and numbered, printed in Providence by Roby Newton. Very suitable for framing! CF is a ripper, one of the most exciting artists in the field. This print is limited to 150, act now!

optional add-on:
BIG STACK OF BACK ISSUES - we try to save a decent stack of back issues every month, but now there are 36 issues and these stacks are taking up a lot of room at the office, and what are we saving them for anyway? Anyway we're trying to thin the herd- for a small amount extra, you can get a good stack of ALL available back issues. Please note that some issues are in very low supply, and a few (maybe 6 issues) are already maximally distributed (aka gone). The sooner you order, the more back issues you will get. These will be mailed out to you as soon as possible, your enjoyment will be nearly immediate!

Buy a subscription

We will contact you by email after your order to double check your shipping address and (if you purchased a birthday announcement) ask your birthday, so please include a valid email address!

Orders are processed through Paypal. If you absolutely can't use Paypal, please see our section on alternative payments.

Outside of the USA? Please see our international shipping fees

Base Level: subscription $25
Base Level subscription plus all available back issues: $50

Upper Deck: subscription, the official Mothers News tote bag, an embroidered Mothers News patch, and an announcement about your birthday in the relevant month of the paper. $50


Upper Deck plus all available back issues: $65

Next Level: everything from the Upper Deck, plus back issues, and the limited edition CF letterpress print. $100

Patron Level is $200 and includes everything from Next Level and we will hand-color the tote bag for you with fabric crayons. Thank you for choosing to pay $200!

Superpatron is $500 and includes everything from patron level (including hand-colored tote bag) and adds a few full-sized candy bars (assorted selection). You will also have the pride of someone who saw something in the world that they liked, had the ability to make it better, then did (make it better). If you can afford to put $500 towards the paper, that's great! It is really really really appreciated! Please let us know if you have a nut allergy and we will replace the candy bars with pieces of brown wood.

Megazord Patron (several superpatrons that form a fighting robot) is $2000 (or more) and includes everything from Superpatron level, and includes a few MORE full-sized candy bars, and a small bottle of booze (for medicinal purposes)(adults only). Again, if you can afford to put $2000 (or more) towards the paper, wow, that'd rule. That's almost three months of my life! Really really great.

if you are interested in Megazord status, please email MN@mothersnews.net

Gift giving

if you want to order 1, 2, or 3 gift subscriptions, please use the choices above. BUT if you order 4 or more gift subscriptions, they will cost the same and you will also get extra stuff! If you want more than 4 subscriptions, order the regular gift pack, then add on however many singles as you want- we will upgrade them with the bonus stuff.

Subscription Gift Pack is $100, and comes with 4 subscriptions, 4 birthday announcements, 4 embroidered patches, and 1 tote bag (for you).

Gift Pack Deluxe is $200 and comes with 4 complete "Upper Deck Plus" packages (4 subscriptions, 4 tote bags, 4 embroidered patches, 4 back issues, 4 birthday announcements).

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if you are interested in distributing Mothers News in your town, please drop me an email and we will be in discussion! let me know where you're from. mn@mothersnews.net.

About international shipping:
shipping got more expensive this year, and since we mail monthly, it adds up. if you live outside the united states, please add the following to the cost of each subscription:
canada- add $6
south america- add $8.40
europe, asia, africa, australia- add $16
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Alternative payments:
At this time, Paypal is the easiest way for us to process payments. You do not have to have a Paypal account to order- any major credit card will work. That said, if you can't use Paypal, or strongly object, please email mn@mothersnews.net for information on paying by check or money order. and please let us know in your email what support option you are choosing, so we can adjust our running tally.

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Numbers breakdown:
this year our operational budget is $11400. this is enough to pay our one full time employee $700 a month for 15 months (october 2013 to december 2015). We also need $600 to repay debts incurred this year, and $300 to invest in new merchandise.

As in the past, printing and other costs associated with the paper will be taken care of by advertising sales.

To get $11000 profit from sales of subscriptions alone we will need to take in around $15000, which is 600 subscriptions, or 400 subscriptions with an average overpay of around $10.

Extra money above our goal will go towards paying cartoonists, buying new equipment, and producing other Mothers News-related projects.

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December 10, 2013

WE DID IT!!!!!

we reached our goal of $15,000 with an HOUR to spare! gonna stay open until midnight, so if you want to get any of the special subscription bonuses like tote bags or the print or whatever, you have until midnight! after that these special offers will be unavailable!

December 10, 2013

it's the last day!!!!! we're at 86.82% of our goal, that's frog.jpg level! we have until midnight tonight and then we have to close all the special offers, try to stop thinking about money, and get to work on the first issue of Mothers News Volume IV! subscribe NOWWWWW!!!
December 9, 2013

ok, we'll be going until tuesday at midnight, and the gap is closing fast between what we have and what we need! we're at 75.14% of our goal, that's leprechaun level. subscribe now!
December 7, 2013

today i made this:

we're at 69.846666666% of our goal!

December 6, 2013

BONG BONG BONG!!!!!!! we're at $10,000 with juuuuust about 4 days to go! the goal is in sight! subscribe, tell your friends, let's make this happen. we're at "smurf level" because "the small can be tall" AND "friends are important". so let's smurf this mothersmurfer into outer smurf!
December 5, 2013

just 5 more days to get your subscriptions in and get special extras and be special in this particular way! we're at juuuuust under 2/3 of our goal, which we can reach, it's right there! subscribe today, and if you already did subscribe, help spread the word via tumblr, twitter, facebook, or however you spread a word! here's a video from one of our fine cartoonists, CF:

December 1, 2013

our fundraiser is at 54.83% of our goal, and we're at KRSNA level on our rainbox progress indicator. our eyes are on the prize though: Gold Platter Level (aka Butter Level). here's a motivational vid from our ace cartoonist Brian Chippendale:

November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! we are just over halfway to our goal of $15,000! we have surpassed Purple Rain level into Yves Klein level. We have until December 10th to reach our goal so the time is certainly short to get in on these special offers! Let's make it happen! sign your name on the sky! subscribe today!
November 22, 2013

we're almost at the half-way point of our goal, with 18 days left! doing great so far but we need to keep pushing if we're gonna make it! subscribe, share, tell your friends!

i even made a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nr8UKiF1WFM

November 11, 2013

alright, there's only a month left on our fundraiser drive, and we're a little over a third of the way to our goal- by our inspirational rainbow demarcation schema we have now surpassed "watermelon" into "static-free bag".

and speaking of static-free bags, if you want the Erotic Totebag Variant, remember you have to A}, let me know, and B}, say something publicly about Mothers News and this fundraiser. you do not have to mention the erotic totebag in your broadcast/pronouncement/harangue.

November 2, 2013

well, we're now 27.2% of the way to our goal with just 88 subscribers! thanks everyone for sharing this campaign on your blogs, your micropublishing formats, your watering hole networks... it really means a lot! you can follow us on our tumblr (mothersnewsofficial.tumblr.com), or twitter (@mothersnews).

i didn't really think this rainbow thermometer schema through when i started-- i've been having trouble slotting in sufficiently iconic objects for all the color locations between red and purple... any suggestions for the next couple, please get at me!

and don't forget, if you want the EROTIC TOTEBAG you have to say something!

October 28, 2013

an anonymous reader reminded me yesterday that last month i said there would be an erotic totebag design as well as a family-friendly design...

so............ IF you order a subscription set that includes a tote bag, AND you say in your order, or via email, that you want the erotic variant, AAAAAAND you say something nice about Mothers News and link to the fundraiser on your blog, tumblr, or twitter or whatever (and reblogs with no further annotation do not count), THEN we will print the erotic variant on the INSIDE of your Mothers News totebag, making it a DOUBLE SIDED design. if you wanted to, you could carry the bag around town with the erotic part on the inside and no one would know. the regular tote bag will be printed by professionals in Central Falls RI, but the erotic addition will be printed by competent amateurs inside the Mothers News office.

the design will not be specific to any orientation.

if you've already ordered a bag and want the erotic variation, please email mn@mothersnews.net. if you want to participate but do not have a website or social media account at all, please substitute with just a nice email.

i realize this offer, for a sight-unseen erotic totebag variation, is pretty far out. nonetheless this offer is very real. Don't Like Don't Do (DLDD). the default totebag design remains Not (Very) Erotic.

October 25, 2013

doing great but still a good ways to go! thanks to all the sharers out there for saying nice things about Mothers News on their micropublishing formats! and thanks to joanne for pushing us over the line into TOMATO! i was sick of looking at that dude's beard all day!

oh yeah, and i made a nicely organized page for all the online back issues, check it out- mothersnews.net/backissues. or just click the stack of back issues on the right hand of this page.

October 25, 2013

we've been making some stupid promo pictures over at the tumblr, check it out!

last night we surpassed "ambling monk" and now we're at the "van gogh's beard" point in the spectrum. forgot that van gogh was already on the chart here, that's kind of embarrassing, but he was great with color, you can't front on that.

October 24, 2013

this morning, after the first "full day" (but admittedly, also well into the morning of the next day), we have taken in enough to change our spectral goalmarker from carrot (aka "dirt rocket") to ambling monk. off to a great start! thanks everyone!

October 23, 2013 #3

at the end of day 1 we've already got $1,000, blasting our rainbow thermometer gif past lemon (yellow) and van gogh's sunflowers (yellow-orange), all the way into carrot (orange). might be a tomato tomorrow!

October 23, 2013 #2

going great already! thanks to simon hanselman alllll the way in australia for being the first subscriber for year 4!

October 23, 2013

just launched the fundraiser! no updates yet!

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($15,000 goal)

378 supporters

this fundraiser is over on December 10!
that's TODAY at midnight!!!!!!!!!

people are talking about Mothers News

if I had to make a list of reasons why I am not ashamed to be a human it wouldn't be a very long list and Mother's News would be somewhere at the top. Seriously if you get someone you love a gift subscription to MN it will make their life tangibly better.
- Slice Harvester

a one-of-a-kind, side-splittingly funny, wickedly intelligent and informative piece of ephemeral culture that looks great and reads great. ... MN proves what I hope most of us already know--that the best projects fully indulge their own weirdness, make no apologies, and don't wait around for other people to notice them.
- Do You Smell Ribs

One of my favorite rags ever!
- Frank Santoro, Comics Journal

Mothers News is smart and funny and it justifies the continued existence of physical newspapers in a smaller, more personal form.
- Printeresting.org

...ranging in tone from the cheerfully barbaric to the profound and hilarious

Mothers News is... unmatched
- Providence Phoenix

undeniably unique.
- Brown Daily Herald

beautifully humanist riffing... super-accessible. It reads better than any contemporary literature I can think of.
- Brian Nicholson

Mother's News makes me think and laugh at the same time, and then it makes me think really hard about why I was laughing which makes me laugh about all the thinking I was doing. Plus the ads are a great way to find out about cool record stores, zines, comics stores, restaurants, coffee shops and stuff, and also they are funny and attractive to look at.
- Matt Pakulski

Mother's News is one of a kind.
- timesnewramen

Mother's News is a beacon for countless independent artistic voices. A subscription is not only for Mother's News but for ourselves. It's an act of activism in a world dominated by mass media.
-GW Duncanson

Mother's News is a modern day epic on the world's past, present and future created by a mad scientist and his henchmen/women and serialized as a monthly newspaper. Getting a new issue in the mail is one of the purest joys I experience in my day to day life and it's contents never disappoint.
- Tim Woulfe

its fun to like things. i like mothers news and pizza rolls and fresh flowers
- @narwhallyn

mothers news is a bunch of (good) freaky drawings and nonchalant genius, there's pretty much not anything like it!
- Eva

Mothers News makes me feel like I'm in the right place or that other people are trying to make this the right place to be. Mothers News reminds me that people are creative & working for strange, artful motivations that aren't $$. Its a paper that assures you that you're in good company and encourages you to contribute.
- Vernon Farm

Beyond a newspaper, beyond a zine, Mothers News revives a dying medium by giving us what we wanted out of that medium in the first place.
- Leonard Ricardson

Mothers News is the illest chillest newspaypa in towwnnnnnnnn. Get on this bus before it gets on you! Legalize freedom, down with the patriarch, eat more legumes! Subscribe or die.
- Leah Wishnia

the newspaper i didn't know i needed. the only thing i hate about mothers news is that they don't print daily.
- Tyne Ooze-Oh

I really enjoy Mother's News. It's calm, pleasant, and invigorating like a good walk. I like it because it's fun but it doesn't beat you over the head or scream at you. It knows how to be funny without punchlines. I cut out the "Ask Tomato Bread" column with the advice about the dog in the school and taped it up by my desk. I liked that.
- Rob Dinoisland

I love Mother's News because it is such a break from my life. it helps me reset each month with great art. THANK YOU
- Patrick Neville

mother's news opens my heart to the beauty and weirdness of the world and sometimes i wish i could eat it and absorb its powers.
-Lily Benson

I like it. I like the writing.
- Gary Panter

i love mothers news! some friends and i were talking tonite about publications that we respect and inspire us and mothers news was at the top of the list. hugs and kisses/keep up the good work!
- Second Contact

Mothers News is the only newspaper I trust
- Paige K Bradley