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About Mothers News

Mothers News is a monthly newspaper that is fun and interesting, with good writing, for a general but open-minded audience. There's a comics section featuring exclusive comics from regular contributors CF, Mickey Zacchilli, Brian Chippendale, Michael DeForge, Katrina Clark, Charlotte deSedouy, and Mike Taylor. Top talent!!! It was supported by advertisers and subscribers.

Started in May 2010, we "officially" stopped publishing in September 2015, after 41 issues.

To order a selection of back issues, please see Domino Books or What Things Do.

There are some interviews with the editorial body available to read on the Rhododendron Festival website

There's also the Mothers News Wikipedia entry, which is mostly accurate, if unexciting.

Some Blurbs

I received my first issue of Mothers News this week--and now I wonder what I've been doing with my life. A free monthly broadside out of Providence, Mothers News is hyper, delirious, and weird. And, I now realize, essential reading.
- Paris Review

if I had to make a list of reasons why I am not ashamed to be a human it wouldn't be a very long list and Mother's News would be somewhere at the top. Seriously if you get someone you love a gift subscription to MN it will make their life tangibly better.
- Slice Harvester

a one-of-a-kind, side-splittingly funny, wickedly intelligent and informative piece of ephemeral culture that looks great and reads great. ... MN proves what I hope most of us already know--that the best projects fully indulge their own weirdness, make no apologies, and don't wait around for other people to notice them.
- Do You Smell Ribs

One of my favorite rags ever!
- Frank Santoro, Comics Journal

Mothers News is smart and funny and it justifies the continued existence of physical newspapers in a smaller, more personal form.

...ranging in tone from the cheerfully barbaric to the profound and hilarious

Mothers News is... unmatched
- Providence Phoenix

undeniably unique.
- Brown Daily Herald

beautifully humanist riffing... super-accessible. It reads better than any contemporary literature I can think of.
- Brian Nicholson

Mother's News makes me think and laugh at the same time, and then it makes me think really hard about why I was laughing which makes me laugh about all the thinking I was doing. Plus the ads are a great way to find out about cool record stores, zines, comics stores, restaurants, coffee shops and stuff, and also they are funny and attractive to look at.
- Matt Pakulski

Mother's News is one of a kind.
- timesnewramen

Mother's News is a beacon for countless independent artistic voices. A subscription is not only for Mother's News but for ourselves. It's an act of activism in a world dominated by mass media.
-GW Duncanson

Mother's News is a modern day epic on the world's past, present and future created by a mad scientist and his henchmen/women and serialized as a monthly newspaper. Getting a new issue in the mail is one of the purest joys I experience in my day to day life and it's contents never disappoint.
- Tim Woulfe

its fun to like things. i like mothers news and pizza rolls and fresh flowers
- @narwhallyn

mothers news is a bunch of (good) freaky drawings and nonchalant genius, there's pretty much not anything like it!
- Eva

Mothers News makes me feel like I'm in the right place or that other people are trying to make this the right place to be. Mothers News reminds me that people are creative & working for strange, artful motivations that aren't $$. Its a paper that assures you that you're in good company and encourages you to contribute.
- Vernon Farm

Beyond a newspaper, beyond a zine, Mothers News revives a dying medium by giving us what we wanted out of that medium in the first place.
- Leonard Richardson

Mothers News is the illest chillest newspaypa in towwnnnnnnnn. Get on this bus before it gets on you! Legalize freedom, down with the patriarch, eat more legumes! Subscribe or die.
- Leah Wishnia

the newspaper i didn't know i needed. the only thing i hate about mothers news is that they don't print daily.
- Tyne Ooze-Oh

I really enjoy Mother's News. It's calm, pleasant, and invigorating like a good walk. I like it because it's fun but it doesn't beat you over the head or scream at you. It knows how to be funny without punchlines. I cut out the "Ask Tomato Bread" column with the advice about the dog in the school and taped it up by my desk. I liked that.
- Rob Dinoisland

I love Mother's News because it is such a break from my life. it helps me reset each month with great art. THANK YOU
- Patrick Neville

mother's news opens my heart to the beauty and weirdness of the world and sometimes i wish i could eat it and absorb its powers.
-Lily Benson

I like it. I like the writing.
- Gary Panter

i love mothers news! some friends and i were talking tonite about publications that we respect and inspire us and mothers news was at the top of the list. hugs and kisses/keep up the good work!
- Second Contact

Mothers News is the only newspaper I trust
- Paige K Bradley